Best Car Wash Foam Gun For A Garden Hose

Image Credit: PxFuel

Image Credit: PxFuel

Best Car Wash Foam Gun For A Garden Hose


A major benefit of buying a car wash foam gun is having a perfect car washing experience and preventing scratches. Since many cars get scratches as a result of mediocre washing techniques, car wash foam guns are becoming more popular because they take care of the vehicle’s surface, clean better, and save time and money. 

The rich foam soaks all the dirt and removes it gently without damaging the car. While a simple two-bucket wash can be suitable, there’s increased satisfaction with your car getting soaked down in thick rich foam. A foam gun allows you to apply snow foam without needing a pressure washer. 

Foam guns also help cover your vehicle in shampoo faster and ease the rinsing process, while eliminating the need for wash buckets. The best part is that a highly foamed shampoo will not run off your car’s paint and it will only take a moment to dry. We’re going to look at a comprehensive guide on how to choose the best car wash foam gun for garden hoses.

#1: Our Best Pick - Adam's Premium Foam Gun



  • Ingenious and durable design
  • User-friendly
  • Features metering guidelines for easy adjustments
  • Stainless-steel covering


  • Pricy


  1. Superior design featuring a dual-adjustable spray can – the foam gun is designed with precise care with top-notch materials including:
      • A dual-adjustable spray fan (can be adjusted horizontally and vertically)
      • A wide-fill barrel to prevent spills and tips.
      • Advanced stainless-steel and brass coating
      • An adaptable foaming nozzle that can be used with regular bottles and the wide-fill can.
  2. Essential Car Detailing Tools – comes with a pressure wash foam cannon. The Foam Lance helps to create layers of foam, which aids in the faster loosening of dirt. The rich lather also prevents your vehicle’s paint and other delicate parts from getting damaged.
  3. Ability to attach a huge canister or other regular bottles – It can hold over 32oz of liquid.
  4. Produces thick foam which makes car cleaning an effortless process – It’s essential to note that you cannot use a regular garden hose with Adam’s Foam Gun – You’ll use a pressure washer.
  5. Customer satisfaction guaranteed – Adam’s is known for high-quality car cleaning supplies, car detailing kits, brushes, sponges, mitts, washing accessories, etc. Their products come with a warrant which ensures that you always get quality.


Adam’s Premium Foam Gun is a heavy-duty tool with quality materials. The kit contains two car wash pads, a 32oz foam gun, gallon car shampoo, an absorbent white drying towel, car wash bucket with a scratch guard.

The Adam’s Car Wash Foam Gun makes cleaning your car quicker, more fun, and effective. The device features a hose-end nozzle attached to an ordinary garden hose. It allows you to comfortably wash your vehicle without damaging its paint using Adam’s concentrated Car Shampoo.

This easy-to-use garden hose add-on lets you produce a rich lather when sprayed directly to your car, making the cleaning process easier and safer for your car coat. It also prevents water spots from forming even if the shampoo dries on your car paint.

The Adam’s Car Wash Foam Cannon features an excellent and durable design. It features high-quality finishes, and a stainless-steel coating, not to mention compact CNC mechanical parts not seen on other similar but cheaper tools. The quick-connect features a firm rubber grip and doubles as a hose nozzle when not being used in the foam sprayer.

The Adam’s Car Wash Foam Gun comes with about four colored metering tips (2 purple and 2 yellow-green) to help tweak your water pressure and foam gun according to your preference.

While this foam gun does not eliminate the need for a bucket wash, it takes your car cleaning experience to a whole new level. It’s advisable to use the yellow-green tip and store the others for later use.

The purple metering tip is recommended for a higher flow rate – but your water and car shampoo in the barrel will deplete rather quickly.

#2: Our Runner Up - Foam King Foam Gun

316V mra0mL


  • Perfect hose attachment for domestic and commercial use
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Sprays a thick lather
  • USDA Authorized
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Leak-proof


  • Delicate design
  • Difficulties with nozzle adjustments


  1. A nozzle with a rubber seal that fits perfectly to prevent leakage
  2. Superior brass fitting to guarantee durability
  3. Bottle fill lines (water/soap level indicator) to simplify mixing soap and water
  4. Quick-release connector


The Foam King Foam Gun is a heavy-duty car wash sprayer that produces suds instantly. It features uncomplicated accessories and requires an effortless setup.

The Foam King allows for an easy connection to your garden hose immediately after unwrapping. Instructions on exactly how much water and soap to mix are clearly outlined on the bottle fill lines.

The Foam King Foam Gun functions similarly to the Chemical Guys Foam Blaster 6 but at a fraction of the price.

The foam gun features a compact brass fitting, spray gun, quick-release connector, a huge volume canister, a 6-level foam quantity dial, hose attachment, and foam nozzle.

The real takeaway is that with the Foam King, you can effortlessly shift from foam spraying to water spraying in an instant. It also features a rubber seal that provides a leak-free attachment.

#3: Our Budget Pick - Adam’s Standard Foam Gun



  • It is a pocket-friendly option
  • Includes soap and rinse technique for effortless cleaning
  • Its solid and slim design makes it fairly portable
  • pH neutral shampoo will leave sealants, waxes, and ceramic coatings intact
  • The smooth-bore construction provides broad coverage for stress-free operation


  • Poor quality construction
  • Poor quality handle


  1. Quick-connect hose nozzle that allows you to switch from lathering your car to rinsing it efficiently.
  2. The foam gun produces thick wash suds for increased lubricity to prevent damage to your car’s paint and other delicate parts.
  3. Features a 32oz canister with quick connect for comprehensive car cleaning
  4. A wide fan hose for greater coverage significantly reduces your wash time and allows you to focus on more challenging facets of car cleaning.
  5. Guaranteed customer satisfaction
  6. Attaches snugly to a typical garden hose
  7. Features three metering tips


The Adam’s Standard Foam Gun is a cost-effective and efficient car washing tool even without the use of a pressure washer. It is another versatile tool for lathering your vehicle before embarking on the typical two bucket wash routine. The standard foam gun was designed after customers requested a cheaper version of Adam’s Premium 32oz Foam Gun.

Unlike Adam’s Premium Foam Gun, the Standard Foam Gun does not feature stainless-steel fittings or a CNC-mechanical canister. Nevertheless, the Adam’s Standard Foam Gun features a superior and durable design if cared for appropriately.

The Adam’s Standard Foam Gun produces a thick shampoo foam when sprayed on your vehicle, making the washing process safe and convenient. When used with Adam’s pH-neutral shampoo, the lather works instantly by suspending all harmful mineral deposits in the water which prevents water spots from forming on the paint and windows even with insufficient rinsing.

The foam gun features three metering tips, which control the flow rate of the foam. Start with the yellow metering tip before switching to the blue and green depending on the preferred water pressure.

You can also opt to use this foam wash gun without using a metering tip to make the washing process quicker. You will still need to clean your vehicle using the Two Bucket Wash Method. The foaming process helps to soften and loosen dirt from the car’s surface for a safe and easier washing experience.

#4: A Worthy Consideration - Chemical Guys Snow Foam Blaster R1 Foam Gun



  • Includes a free bag for easy portability
  • Made of silicone-free formula, making it safe for paint and glass surfaces
  • Features firm grip design for comfort and security


  • Challenging to set up


  1. Doesn’t need a pressure washer to function
  2. Works with any typical garden hose
  3. Includes three switchable water pressure tips for foam thickness
  4. Features a 32oz can and spray nozzle with quick connect and disconnect
  5. Premium plastic resistant to fading and cracking


This Chemical Guys device can connect to most typical garden hoses to lather up your vehicle and leave it looking brilliant with the initial wash. It features advanced tech, which enables it to provide a cleaning session without damages and great results. It produces a significant sud amount for lubricity to prevent damage to the vehicle’s finish.

The most notable thing about this foam gun is that it doesn’t need a pressure washer or other fancy equipment to function – simply fasten it to a typical garden hose and you are good to go. The lather lasts long on the lacquer, effectively removing all the dirt and harmful water mineral deposits. The foam gun includes three replacement nozzles that regulate the amount and thickness of the suds. The nozzles are fit onto the TORQ foam cannon after removing the canister and the garden hose, which sucks the water and soap mixture from the barrel.

The nozzles include:

  • Blue nozzle for average water pressure
  • Yellow nozzle for high water pressure
  • Green nozzle for low water pressure

It has a compact and durable design that’s easy to use for professionals and newbies alike. The ergonomic, rubber seal provides a firm and comfortable grip on the foam cannon. The foam gun is made of premium plastic that’s resistant to fading and cracking.

#5: Our Cheap Pick - Novosun Foam Gun



  • Produces thick foam to help gently remove dirt and grime from the car’s surface and avoid scratching.
  • It is a good fit for a standard garden hose – has a quick connection and disconnect.


  • Low water pressure when rinsing off the car


  1. Features an adjustable foaming stick – it can be adjusted in a horizontal or vertical direction.
  2. Includes a gear adjustment dial to regulate foam flow
  3. High capacity foam canister – has a capacity of 900ml
  4. 2-in-1 function
  5. Adjustable water pressure – the water pressure can be adjusted by simply gripping the handle with varying strength.


The Novosun Foam Gun is another cost-effective and highly versatile car cleaning tool that fits perfectly on most standard garden hoses. It features a quick connect and disconnect capability to easily set up and get to work. Being adjustable, you can spray foam onto your car in a vertical or horizontal direction.

The Novosun Foam Gun has a high-capacity canister and an adjustable foaming stick, making refills unnecessary and easing the entire car washing experience.

The flexible construction allows you to adjust the foam flow depending on your preference, with the 2-in-1 function letting you complete the cleaning process in record time.

Foam Gun Vs. Foam Cannon

While you may use either a foam gun for car washing or a foam cannon, many car enthusiasts do not understand the difference between the two products. You need either of these products and a pressure washer or a standard garden hose to manage your car’s washing process effectively. They are also used to prevent scratching the finish on your car. You can also rely on either tool to simplify and significantly shorten your car washing process.

Foam Gun

It is a cleaning tool that connects the sprayer nozzle to a standard garden hose adapter. It is specifically designed to create a thick car washing soapy mixture, applying it on the vehicle’s surface before washing it by hand. Foam guns are typically made from plastic, stainless steel, brass, or polymer.

The two types of foam guns are adjustable and non-adjustable. The adjustable foam gun features a selector button that balances the amount of water and car soap it will mix. The settings begin from “0” (represents rinsing water) to 5 or 6 (represents the thickest foam level).

The non-adjustable foam gun is a simple fasten and apply version. Fill the foam gun with the set amount of soap and wash your car. While non-adjustable (soap volume), these foam guns feature a selector button for rinsing purposes. For those that lack this option, they feature a quick-disconnect capability for easier rinsing.

Foam Cannons

While both perform similar roles, foam cannons are fitted with a pressure washer, unlike foam guns. The high-pressure washer in a foam cannon delivers water powerfully and allows you to apply suds more quickly in a significantly lesser time. A high-pressure washer is mainly used to clean walls, floors, etc. If used on their own without additional attachments to control the water pressure, they are considered extremely potent to clean cars. This is because they can damage the finish, trigger cracks, and expose the car to rusting and other environmental damages.

When used to clean cars, the water is mixed with soap and put into the canister. The foam cannon then sprays the soapsuds onto the vehicle’s surface at a significantly reduced pressure to prevent damage. There are two types of cannons – compatible and non-compatible foam cannons.

The Difference between a Foam Gun and a Foam Cannon

The main difference between foam guns and foam cannons two lies in the mode of water delivery to the foam canister. A foam gun uses an ordinary garden hose attached to the spray nozzle to deliver water to the barrel while using a foam cannon requires a pressure washer hose. Also, the foam cannon’s high-pressure nozzle will stir the mixture faster and more efficiently, creating thicker soapsuds for removing dirt.

What to Buy – a Foam Gun or a Car Wash Foam Cannon?

Undecided on whether to buy a car washing gun or cannon? The simple answer is that it depends on your preference and product accessories. If you have a high-pressure washer, it is more practical to invest in a foam cannon or foam lancer. Foam cannons are designed to work well with the fast-tracked volume of water. If you have an ordinary garden hose in your possession, buying a foam gun is your best and most logical option. However, note that a foam cannon will typically use soap faster due to the high-pressure washer, so it will cost when regarded this way.

Reasons for Using a Foam Gun over a Foam Cannon

Foam guns are generally focused on simplicity. The non-adjustable foam gun, featuring a selector button and foam soap suds is the best. It is an easy-to-use foam gun and most economical since it uses a small amount of soap or shampoo. Nonetheless, many specialized car detailers do not use them despite their many benefits.

If you like to experiment with stuff until you find what works for you, then the adjustable foam gun is your best option. Be careful not to use too much soap with higher settings on foam guns since it can turn to be messy and frustrating.

If you are a budget-conscious DIYer, the adjustable foam gun featuring a soap canister on the lower controls will provide you with the best value for your money.

Car Wash Foam Gun vs Hand Washing

Which is better – hand washing your car or a foam gun? Both techniques have their merits and demerits. Foam guns are faster and loosen dirt more safely and effectively. These devices are also great for applying foam to the car’s surface. Similarly, if you solely use foam guns to clean your vehicle, you may come later only to find missing parts that you will have to clean by hand.

Who doesn’t love saving time on DIY projects? Whether it’s dropping a phase in the main process, using better tools for the task, or streamlining the task while improving the result, is the aim of each DIYer. This is a major reason why loyal car fanatics opt to use car wash foam guns for cleaning their cars, unlike hand washing. Here are a few benefits of using a car wash foam gun to hand washing:

Better Lubricity for Dirt Removal

Chances are that you’ll leave some dirt on your car if you insist on using a wash mitt and will only realize it once the water dries. The biggest disadvantage of washing your car the conventional way of using a bucket and soap is that you’ll most likely run out of foam before completing the task. When hand-washing your vehicle, soap compresses dirt in your mitt, so the more you dip it into the bucket, the active ingredients in the soap will most likely “attack” the grime stuck on your mitt. Over time, suds decrease until there isn’t enough to clean effectively. It’s a problem that you can prevent by simply spraying your vehicle with the car wash foam gun. Nonetheless, regardless of whether you use a foam gun or not, you’ll still need a wash mitt to wash away stubborn stains.

The Lather Creates a Slippery Surface for Dirt to Slide Off

Foam guns create a slippery surface for dirt to slide off your car’s surface with ease, unlike hand washing. However, ensure that you work extra fast especially when it’s hot since suds tend to dry very quickly in hot weather.

Prevents Scratching of Paint

Hand washing your car makes you unconsciously apply excess pressure to the vehicle, making it easier to scratch the finish or damage some delicate parts. Since soap is solely responsible for dirt removal, you don’t have to apply excessive force when using a mitt.

Production of Consistent Rich, Thick Lather

Foam guns produce a significantly thick lather that’s incomparable to regular car soap in a bucket. Nevertheless, it’s essential to note that some foam guns and car shampoos produce more foam than others, making the whole cleaning process safer and effective.

Preventing Cross-Contamination

It is common knowledge that when hand-washing your car using the traditional method, your water will be excessively filthy by the time you get to the last section. It can be pretty harmful to your car since you’ll most probably be spreading on more dirt. While placing a grit guard at the bottom of your bucket can help prevent your mitt from picking too much dirt, you can easily forget to monitor the cleanliness of the water when in a hurry. Using a foam gun to apply the foam on your car’s surface can save you lots of stress and time. The only thing you’ll worry about is rinsing off the foam with clean water.

Increased Speed

If you don’t have a lot of time to spare, but need to clean your car, using a car wash foam gun is a viable option in most cases. You can apply the foam on the entire car and rinse it off with the same device in significantly less time while using lesser energy. On the other hand, hand washing can be extremely tiring since you have to carry a bucket from one spot to the next. Not to mention straining your body to reach particular sections when cleaning.

How Does a Foam Gun Work?

The term “foam gun” comes from the device’s ability to produce soapy foam when used with snow foam products. It features a universal adapter that allows you to connect it to a regular garden water hose. Once you fill a foam gun with a snow foam product, connect it to the hose and spray the rich rather on your vehicle. 

The effectiveness of the foam gun is dependent on the pressure from your water source. Unfortunately, if your tap produces negligible water pressure, the foam gun will only produce soapy water, instead of rich thick foam. Many people invest in great foam guns for garden hoses, nonetheless, they end up getting frustrated with the products because they lack the knowledge of using them effectively.

Before investing in a foam gun, it’s essential that you feel comfortable using it. Ensure that your car wash soap or shampoo is designed for producing plenty of soapsuds. While most foam guns appear similar in design, intended use, and settings, each has different guidelines. It’s best to carefully go through the manufacturer’s instructions and follow them to the letter for best results. Here is a quick guide on how to use your foam gun correctly for best results:

Gather the Necessary Supplies

Gather everything that you need when you decide to wash your car. Your foam gun should have the following components during the purchase except for a garden hose – spray nozzle, soap barrel, spray foam attachments, and a quick connect.

Ensure You Use the Correct Shampoo or Soap

Car wash soaps and shampoos differ from each other in numerous ways but the two main types of cleansing agents that can be used in a foam gun are– foaming shampoos and maintenance soaps. Maintenance shampoos are usually used in the typical two bucket wash technique, while the foaming shampoos are mainly used in car wash foam guns since they have a quicker foaming process. Use a pH-balanced cleansing agent to prevent damaging the paint or coating on your car.

How to Choose an Ideal Car Wash Shampoo

You must choose a car wash shampoo or soap that works best for your particular use. For vehicles that are coated with premium ceramic, use a balanced or pH-neutral car wash soap. Otherwise, the best soap or shampoo should be highly concentrated and slippery with high lubricity for your mitt to effortlessly slide over the car’s surface. 

Mix the Right Quantity of Water with Soap

There are two main types of foam guns. The first one requires that you put water into the foam sprayer, followed by the proper amount of the car shampoo before washing. The second one requires that you mix the car shampoo with water in the correct dilution ratio before putting it into the barrel.

Add Water to the Foam Gun Barrel

This step depends on the particular foam gun you purchased. For the foam gun to function optimally, you can first put water into the foam sprayer before adding the soap. Otherwise, you can opt to add the shampoo into the foam sprayer. Then, fill a bucket with water and slowly dip the foam sprayer into the water until it is filled to the preferred level. Avoid putting the shampoo into the barrel and then adding water afterward. It causes the shampoo to foam excessively, which makes it less to clean your car.

However, never put the soap into the barrel, then spray water inside. It only works on creating too much “lather” inside the barrel, which reduces the amount of foam getting on the car’s surface. Dish soap is also not recommended for use in a foam gun. You could try filling a bucket with plain water. Put the correct amount of soap into the canister. Dip the can into the bucket containing plain water, slowly until filled to the preferred level. The process will efficiently combine the soap and water resulting in a consistent mixture.

Connect the Garden Hose and the Spray Nozzle

Once your mixture is set, follow the instructions and connect each component to its section. Connect the spray nozzle to the barrel and the foam sprayer to the garden hose. Your foam gun is now ready to wash your vehicle.

What to Consider Before Buying a Foam Gun

Selecting the best car wash foam gun for a garden hose can be challenging if you don’t know what and where to look. There are various factors to put into consideration depending on your needs including:


Pressure is the determining factor of your foam gun’s functionality and efficiency. You may opt for either the high-pressure or the low-pressure foam gun. The high-pressure product works faster but you will feel more tired, while the low-pressure foam gun might be less efficient.


Always remember that you always get what you pay for. While some foam guns have foam-to-water shifting capabilities and vice versa, others have dial-up for controlling the foam thickness. All these features are undeniably remarkable and helpful. Whatever your preference, put in mind that each extra accessory means extra money.  

Additional pH level

Maintaining a constant pH level is very crucial for the long-term use of your foam gun. Stay away from foam guns that tend to increase the pH level to the soapy mixture.


When buying a foam gun, ensure you pick one diligently since some are not compatible with a garden hose. It would be impractical to buy a foam gun without a garden hose due to negligence.


Filters block debris and harmful particles in the mixture, preventing damage to delicate car parts. Pick a foam gun with mono or double filter for maximum protection of your car.


Your budget is a huge factor when purchasing a car wash foam gun for a garden hose. The price is dependent on adaptability, filters, compatibility, pressure, etc. consider whether a foam gun is reasonably priced or not depending on its features and functionality. Compare multiple products side-by-side for the best decision.

Wrapping Up!

Hopefully, you’ve learned all you needed to know about choosing the best car wash foam gun for garden hoses.

While vehicle owners want to buy the best foam guns for various reasons, there’s one very crucial tip missed by many people. Although the foam gun is there to serve you, you must take great care of it so it can serve you for longer.

Always clean and dry your car wash gun after use. After cleaning your vehicle, refill the foam gun barrel with clean water and run it through the device. Loosen the nozzle and clean it under running water before drying it.

If left unclean, the leftover soap within the nozzle will cause the watery foam to accumulate and damage the internal filter. If you follow this procedure after every use, your car wash foam gun will serve you efficiently for a long time.

Car wash foam guns make cleaning your car a quick, fun, and effortless task. The device transforms you into a pro.

A car foam gun allows you to thoroughly clean your car in a heartbeat without incurring any extra expenditure. The key is to buy a foam gun that is made of quality materials, durable, easy to use, and one that allows you the flexibility to adjust it to your personal preference.

A good quality car wash foam gun for a garden hose is the best investment you can ever make given that it works flawlessly and with minimal hiccups.

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