Do Windshield Repairs Work?

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Image Credit: Envato Elements

Do Windshield Repairs Work?


The short answer to whether repairing a windshield will be a worthwhile investment is yes… on small chips and cracks. Typically cracks more than 3 inches are too big to attempt to fix. 

Some professional shops can repair cracks as large as 12 inches but you’re likely going to have to do some hunting around to find someone with the equipment and expertise to be able to remedy this large of a crack. Also, the location of the crack can prevent it from being able to be fixed. 

Cracks at or near the edge of the glass may not be fixable due to there being too much stress on the glass at that location. Chips or cracks within the drivers line of sight may cause the windshield repair company not to attempt fixing it since it could potentially create a minor visual obstruction. 

Companies tend to avoid any possibility of liability. Despite most cracks being very difficult to notice when repaired, some companies refuse to run the risk of the repair being a visual problem at some later point.

Is windshield repair covered by insurance?

Typically insurance companies have no issue with repairing a windshield versus replacing one. Wether it is covered or not will depend on if it is a coverage item in your policy. 

If you’re simply concerned that they would not pay for fixing a windshield but will pay for replacing one, there is a high likely-hood that they will not have any issue with you having the glass repaired as long as it is safe to do so. 

In fact, some insurance companies will waive the deductible if you opt to repair your windshield instead of have the entire windshield replaced. Always check with your insurance company before having any potentially covered work performed to avoid headaches after the fact.

How much does windshield repair cost?

It should be fairly obvious that it is less expensive to repair a windshield than to completely replace one. Replacing a windshield will easily cost hundreds of dollars. Some of the larger and more complex to produce windshields can cost upwards of one thousand dollars. 

If it is repairable, it’s not uncommon for the cost of fixing a minor chip or crack to be anywhere from fifty to one hundred dollars. This will obviously vary depending on the size of the chip or crack.

Can you see a windshield chip repair?

Yes, although depending on the chip or crack they can be almost invisible. If the crack is in your line of sight a windshield repair shop may decline to fix it since it can possibly be an obstruction to you being able to properly see the road and other vehicles. 

If you’re picky about your car you may want to opt for replacing your entire windshield if your budget can handle it or your insurance company will be covering it. For most people the money savings is more than worth putting up with a barely noticeable minor blemish in the glass.

Does a chip or crack in a windshield need to be fixed?

Almost every chip or crack will eventually grow and spread over time. Some may take quite some time before they begin to fail. They sooner you get the problem addressed the easier it will be to fix and the more likely it will be able to be repaired. 

Procrastinating on a minor crack the doesn’t show any signs of expanding may cause it to change from repairable to unrepairable due to dirt and debris buildup in the fracture itself. Dirt and road grime can work its way into the crevice and prevent the glass repairing adhesives from being able to properly adhere and bond the crack. Even if it can still bond well, you may end up with a much more unsightly blemish due to grime being sealed deep in the fracture.

How well do DIY windshield repair kits work?

They can work very well on small chips and cracks in easy to repair locations that are away from the edges of the windscreen. A professional repair shop will most likely be able to do a more thorough job but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try a DIY kit yourself. Depending on your needs, severity of the crack, and your budget, a DIY windshield repair kit may be a great option for preventing the crack from spreading or even making minor chips and cracks more difficult to notice. If you’re unsure about the process you may want to skip the DIY solution and take your car or truck to a shop. If you’d like to give fixing your windshield yourself a shot, we highly recommend the Permatex Windshield Repair Kit. We found it to be the highest rated and most loved DIY solution currently on the market.

Can you fix a pitted windshield?

Unfortunately pitted windshields can’t be fixed and will need to be replaced to resolve the problem. DIY windshield repair kits and professional windscreen repair shops can only fix chips and cracks. 

Pits would need to be filled in to fix the gap and there’s nothing available that can fill the pit that will be able to restore visibility.


Windshield repair can be a great alternative to replacing your entire windscreen. It isn’t always possible or advisable to do so depending on the severity and location of the crack or chip but for minor problems it can be a far less expensive and effective solution. You may even be able to get your insurance company to cover the entire cost of the repair without having to pay a deductible. 

In addition to professional windshield repair, you can purchase DIY windshield repair kits. These kits are effective on minor chips and cracks. They’re very inexpensive and can prevent worsening of the crack. Don’t waste time. You need to immediately address the problem though. One insignificant bump can turn a minor chip into a major crack. 

Most chips and cracks will eventually spread and become serious problems eventually. While a repair may not completely make the blemish invisible, it’s possible that it will dramatically improve it making it nearly unnoticeable. 

Never continue driving with a damaged windshield. You never know when it might completely fail.

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