Is Car Detailing Worth It? (Proven)

Image Credit: AdamChandler86 via Flickr

Image Credit: AdamChandler86 via Flickr

Is Car Detailing Worth It? (Proven)


Professional auto detailing is worth the nominal investment by making your car look its best. Car detailing removes dirt and grime from your car by giving it a very thorough car wash. That is followed up with waxing and polishing to protect pain and other exposed exterior parts.

A detailing also will clean the interior and make it look and smell like new. The idea is to clean away any contamination inside and out. Also, protect the exterior and interior while making both look the best. A properly done job greatly enhances the resale value of a vehicle.

Is Car Detailing Worth It?

Car detailing is important for maintaining the value of your car or truck. It isn’t just about cleaning your vehicle but protecting the various surfaces inside and out. Detailing prevents plastics, rubbers, and your clear coat from breaking down due to sun damage, heat cycling, environmental fallout, etc.

What does getting your car detailed mean?

A complete detail on your vehicle means you are paying a professional for detailing your car and helping to keep it in like-new condition. A detailing service might be mobile or have a location where its technicians can do their best work.

Your vehicle will undergo a car wash, cleaning, and vacuuming. The detailer will remove old wax and apply a new coat of sealer on the outside. If your auto detailing includes interior work, that also will get a thorough cleaning and polish. Your vehicle emerges looking and smelling like a new model.

Types of car detailing

An auto detailing could occur in many ways. The most basic is a dry detailing on the exterior and maybe a similar detailing on the interior. You could also opt for car detailing that includes a complete wash of the exterior and a very thorough interior cleaning. A show car detailing does an excellent job of preparing a vehicle for a show or for sale to help maximize its resale value.


What does a full detail include?

A full detail includes a thorough wet wash of the exterior and a cleaning of the interior. You are paying for the interior and exterior to be cleaned entirely with all dirt and old wax removed. Then wax and protective sealant go onto the exterior to make the paint look outstanding. A full auto detailing is the best way to prepare a vehicle for a potential resale.

How long does a full detail take?

A full auto detailing could take about 12 hours to complete. It includes a full detailing of the paint, tires, and wheels. A relatively quick exterior dry cleaning could take about four hours. Much of the cost depends on how dirty your vehicle is, how often you drive it and how long it has been since the last auto detailing was done on the car.

How do you maintain a car after detailing?

The best way to maintain a car after a detailing is to keep it clean inside and out. The less dust and grime that collects on the car, the longer the most recent vehicle detailing effects will last. If you can park the car in a garage, that is even better. It also will help to make the next appointment more affordable. A clean car holds its value better and makes detailing worth the effort and nominal cost.

How much does a professional car detail cost?

Professional auto detailing costs depend on the person doing the work, the hourly rate, and how quickly that person does quality work. A basic service might cost between $50 to $125 for a car if you only have the outside done. It will cost about $50 more for larger vehicles such as an SUV or van.

If you opt for a more thorough service that includes the interior, the cost could run about double that of a basic service. A clean car always will make the job go faster and help to keep the price lower.

Is car detailing a waste of money?

Car detailing is a great way to preserve a vehicle in its best possible shape for as long as possible and is not a waste of money. Auto detailing is a kind of preventive maintenance that goes beyond a simple wash, wax, and vacuuming the interior. It gives your car the highly detailed cleaning that you likely do not have time or energy to do on your own.

Why is car detailing so expensive?

A car detail requires a variety of tools and materials to get the best results. It also takes an experienced detailer who might travel to your location to do the work. And if the appointment is at a garage, the overhead costs can run higher.

But you are paying for the skills and experience provided by the detailer to get the best value for the services provided. And it takes time to do the job right.

Is it good to detail your car?

It is a good idea to have a detailer work on your vehicle and make it look better and last longer. It also helps it to hold its value better.

How often should you get your car detailed?

Most people who regularly get the service done do it about twice per year for the best results. Once in the spring and again in the fall are good times.

Should I clean my car before getting it detailed?

A clean car is easier on the service provider and makes the job go faster. The less time it takes to detail your vehicle, the less it will cost to do the job right.

What kind of people get their cars detailed?

Responsible car owners who want to preserve their vehicles longer and make them look their best typically have it done. It is beneficial when preparing to sell a vehicle.

Should I get my new car detailed?

A new car should be in ideal condition, and a detailer can help keep it that way with a full service right from the start. It can be more affordable if you demand the dealership covers the cost and provide the detailer and materials. That can help you to get a better value from your transportation investment.

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