Best Paint Sealant For Black Cars

Best Paint Sealant For Black Cars


Owning a black car is a blessing and a curse. They’re absolutely stunning when the paint is pristine but it doesn’t take much to turn them into a carnival of visual horror. 

Your paint needs to be protected to help prevent swirl marks or fine scratches as well as etching from bird droppings or tree sap. There are a number of things that will quickly ruin that perfect finish that a proper sealant will create a sacrificial layer over to give you that extra buffer to save your clear coat.

Protection is only half of the equation. You want the deepest possible glossy finish. Wax is the holy grail for achieving this but some sealants can get imperceptibly close. Waxes just won’t hold up for more than a couple months but a good sealant can last orders of magnitude longer.

To sort out which sealant is the best for owners of black cars we sifted through online reviews, best sellers, customer reviews, and online detailer forums. What we found was that Blackfire BlackIce was most loved by detailers and black car owners because it is specifically designed for black and dark colored cars. It holds up to the elements extremely well and gives a depth of shine that no other sealant can match on black paint.

Top Pick

Blackfire Pro Detailers Choice BF-500s BlackICE Hybrid Montan Wax

BlackICE from Blackfire is specifically designed for black and dark colored cars. It has a typical lifespan of 5 to 6 months which is reasonable for a paint sealant. It gets its mile deep glossy finish from a mixture of carnauba and montan wax with sealant. This hybrid is meant to give the absolute deepest shine as well as incredible protection and it is able to deliver. A great benefit owners of black cars will find is that this sealant will do an excellent job of hiding and concealing fine scratches and swirls. It’s almost impossible to avoid these on black cars so it’s great that such an outstanding sealant not only gives a truly deep gloss but also helps hide these blemishes. Users of this sealant found it to be very easy to wipe on and wipe off but be sure to apply a very thin coat to your paint and be sure to do so out of direct sunlight and ensure the surface of your car cool to the touch.  The only real downside to this product is the price. It isn’t inexpensive but if you’re looking for the best, this is the one.

Runner Up

Wolfgang Concours Series WG-5500 Deep Gloss Paint Sealant 3.0

Wolfgang Deep Gloss Paint Sealant is one of those products that has just rocketed to the top in popularity due to its amazing performance. It produces an excellent gloss for a sealant but also has extremely good durability. You can expect it to last nearly 2 years under average conditions but it can last longer if well cared for or your climate is more hospitable than most.

While not as expensive as BlackIce, it isn’t cheap. It is very effective so you do get what you pay for. Some also knock it for the cure time prior to exposing it to moisture. When finished you’ll need to allow it a 12 hour cure time before you allow it to get wet. It also needs 30 to 45 minutes to dry between application and removal. In my mind these aren’t deal breakers for such a high performing product but depending on your situation they may be for you.

If you’re more interested in squeezing out a couple extra months of durability than that extra deep wet look then you’ll appreciate Wolfgang’s DGPS 3.0 over BlackIce.


Worth Considering

Jescar Power Lock Plus Polymer Paint Sealant

Jescar’s Power Lock Plus is an excellent option that should approach 6 months of durability while looking stellar on black and other dark colors. It also does a very good job of hiding minor swirls and scratches. It’s even less expensive than Wolfgang’s DGPS but doesn’t get the same durability.

It is very easy to wipe on and wipe off. Detailer feedback on differences between Power Lock Plus and Wolfgang DGPS are much better durability with DGPS with looks that are very similar.

You may have also heard of Menzerna Power Lock as well. This is because the company changed its name to Jescar not too long ago and for a very long time Power Lock was very well known under the Menzerna brand name.


Additional Information

Can you apply wax over top of sealant?

Many people do exactly this to get a deeper and richer shine on their paint. It isn’t necessary and many more advanced sealants include waxes in their formulation to enhance shine. A good option if you’re looking for an easy way to get a little extra pop without too much effort is to use a spray wax. Spray waxes are easy to apply and remove and should give you that slightly richer and wetter appearance.

Can you put sealant on top of wax?

No. Sealants bond with the clear coat to provide a protective coating. Having wax in-between the clear coat and sealant will prevent it from bonding and providing any protection. Always apply sealant first and then wax if you intend to use both.

How do you know when your wax or sealant is ready to be removed? – The Swipe Test

Different waxes and sealants will recommend an amount of time that you should wait before removing it to allow it to dry. This timeframe is an estimate and will vary with different temperatures and climates.

The Swipe Test is the best way to know when your wax or sealant is ready to be wiped off. It’s a simple test. Just take your finger and “swipe” it across a small section of your car that has wax or sealant applied and drying. If it cleanly removes the wax or sealant leaving a pristine surface then it’s ready to be wiped off. If it smears then you know it’s not yet ready to go.


Based on our research the absolute best paint sealant currently on the market for black cars is Blackfire Blackice. It is both reasonably durable with 5 months of lifespan as well as produces the deepest and glossiest shine of all the currently available sealants on black cars. 

An excellent alternative to our top pick is Wolfgang Deep Gloss Paint Sealant. It provides a slightly more durable finish that comes close to Backfire BlackIce in terms of looks.

 Jescar Power Lock Plus is also a truly excellent alternative. It compares extremely well with Wolfgang DGPS in almost every way except durability.

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