How To Clean Weathertech Mats (Safely)

How To Clean Weathertech Mats (Safely)


Weathertech mats can be a great product to have in your car. They are protective against winter weather and liquids, keep the floorboard looking nice, and are just a great addition to dress up your car’s interior.

What happens when cleaning them isn’t going the way you had envisioned? Today I dive into a short, simple, yet effective guide on how cleaning Weathertech mats can be easy and quick.

Let’s get started.


Before we dive into cleaning Weathertech floor mats, let’s look at our preferred Weathertech mat cleaner as well as some supplies you will need.

  • Water – Water is going to help remove that initial layer of dirt and is a good starting point. Also great for the brush rinse when we get to that point. Clean water is always great to have when cleaning anything really.
  • All-Purpose Cleaner – I recommend Meguiar’s Detailing All Purpose Interior Cleaner. This stuff comes in an easy to use bottle with a spray attachment. This is a great cleaner and using it to handle dirt and grime an easy job.
  • Drill-Attachment Brush – You’ll use this tool to do all that scrubbing to remove those tough grease spots and clean Weathertech floor mats thoroughly without breaking a sweat.
  • Pressure Washer (Optional) – Having a good pressure washer isn’t necessary but it sure can be helpful. See further below for some more detail on the matter and my recommendation so you can have it for this job and future projects.

Now that we know what we need to start cleaning our weather tech floor mats. Let’s dive right in and get that dirt handled!

Remove Floor Mats

The first step in this process is removing the floor mats from your car. Remove any fasteners, or clips and pull them out. With them removed from the car, you are ready to move on to the next step where you will wash you mats and get as much crud off them as you can.

Wash, Rinse, Repeat

This is where some clips will come in handy. Something like clothesline clips where it will hold the mat while you spray the mats down. Clean Weathertech floor mats with clean water by spraying them all over, up, down, in every crack and crevice you can find to really make that dirt get out of there. Some may say you need nothing but major cleaning products to clean Weathertech floor mats but really it just starts with nice clean water.

This is the first step to really getting the dirt out. This is preparation for the products you will use to really make your Weathertech floor mats thoroughly cleaned. Be sure to really clean the floor mats so when we get to the next step you can maximize the effectiveness of your all-purpose cleaner to really make those floor mats clean.

Weathertech Floor Mat Cleaners

Whether you chose our recommended floor mat cleaner or picked some other products of your choice, the important thing is to really clean whatever is left behind. Spray the cleaner on your floor mats thoroughly all over. Be sure to really spray any dirty spots left behind thoroughly so that when you use hose down your floor mats again it will really blast away the remaining grime and dirt.

Using a good cleaner should really cut through the dirt on each mat. You can go one step further when you use your cleaning brush. This will allow you to really scrub without damaging the mats while you are using the cleaner. Make both floor mats as clean as possible and don’t be afraid to use some effort, this is why you have a drill-attachment brush. It will allow you to really get in between the pores.

Rinse Once Again

Now that your floor mats are thoroughly scrubbed down its time to use your water again. Rinse each floor mat over and over until you make all the cleaner disappear. You should start to see the nice brilliant shine each floor mat had before they became plastered by all the messes they had on them. The time you spend on each mat is up to you but if you want your floor mats sparkling as good as new then take your time per mat.

Once you feel like you have everything rinsed off each floor mat its best to leave each mat out to dry. Letting them drip dry in the air will help dissolve any lingering smells from each mat. When the floor mats are all dry, give them one more look to be sure you didn’t miss any spots and boom your Weathertech floor mats are clean.

Reinstall Floor Mats

Just put them back in the same spots as you took them out, reinstall the fasteners or any clips, and you’re all done. Make sure they are set in place so they don’t end up moving around on you too. If your freshly clean Weathertech floor mats are loose they could potentially jam under your brake or accelerator.

Can You Pressure Wash Weathertech Mats?

Now if you have the benefit of owning a pressure washer then you’re in luck. It’s safe to use a pressure washer and if you have any really tough stains then this could really help speed up the process for you. Just use it the same as you would with a hose when your washing and rinsing with water. Also, if you’re in the market for a pressure washer then I would recommend the Karcher K1700 Electric Power Washer for an inexpensive option. Any pressure washer will really help in cleaning those floor mats but if you’re going to buy one make sure you’re buying one that will last.

Can You Use Armor All On Weathertech Mats?

Weathertech actually specifically does not recommend Armor All. The concern is that it will cause the mats to become slippery and unsafe. A slippery film on your mats could also cause them to attract dirt. No one needs their floor mats to become a dirty hazard, especially when driving.


Now that you know the guidelines for cleaning your Weathertech floor mats, your one step further in being able to handle all of your automobiles’ cleaning needs. Be sure to refer to this guide as often as you need to when doing your cleaning and refer your friends and family so they can also get those nice shiny mats too.

Feel free to browse the rest of the site for more cleaning tips and other recommendations. Good luck with cleaning up and remember, a clean car is a happy car, well if they had feelings.

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