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How To Get Blood Out Of Car Seats (Like New)

Image Credit PikRepo

Image Credit PikRepo

How To Get Blood Out Of Car Seats (Like New)

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Well, you’ve finally done it. You drove your wife/girlfriend/mother to the point where they busted you in the mouth for being such a smart aleck. The worst part. It was in your car, and the blood got everywhere because your nose decided it wanted to break the world record for the most blood ever.

Ok maybe that’s not what happened but still, an image that could happen right? Beyond our orneriness as guys accidents tend to happen. Babies, pets, natural occurrences, all these things can happen and unfortunately can happen in your car. It’s not the end of the world and it can be fixed so rest assured it will be ok.

In today’s guide, we’ll walk through the process of bloodstain removal. Whatever the reason, no matter the affected area, we’ll walk through this process and take care of that car upholstery. So let’s dive into it.

Things You'll Need

Before we really dive deep into the process of how to get blood stains out, let’s gather some things that will help make it easier. Beyond the blood stains looking unsightly there is also a potential health risk involved here as well so always proceed with caution when working with blood in any form. Alright let’s get your car upholstery cleaned up

  • Latex Gloves- These are going to protect your hands. Blood born pathogens are a big deal, so are many other blood-related issues and problems so even if it’s your own blood stain just be careful. Gloves will help protect you from both the blood and any chemicals you’ll end up working with.
  • Hydrogen Peroxide- An everyday household item that is great for a lot of things but none more so than to remove blood stains. Also, hydrogen peroxide is good for disinfecting as well as treating wounds too. If you don’t carry hydrogen peroxide in a first aid kit in your car it may very well be something to consider.
  • Absorbent Cloth- Any clean cloth that can absorb really well will work here. Nothing fancy just about any dry cloth will work. You will also want a damp cloth for after you remove the blood stain.
  • Upholstery Cleaner and Stain Remover- Something along the lines like this Chemical Guys Foaming Citrus Fabric Clean Carpet and Upholstery. This is going to finish up cleaning the area and get it smelling and looking fresh. Be sure to read the information on the bottle as well before you apply.
  • Lysol/Disinfectant- One last precaution just to insure that after removing blood there are no other potential issues hanging around just to be safe.

Remove Blood Stains Step By Step

Step 1

Now that we have the supplies we need let’s begin. Be sure to have your latex gloves at all times. You never know what could be lingering behind. Your safety is the most important. While you scrub and remove the stain, they will help protect you from anything that could be harmful.

Take the hydrogen peroxide and apply it to the blood stain using your fingers to work it into the car seat. The hydrogen peroxide will have a sizzle effect on the blood stain. Using peroxide should draw the stains from the car seat by pulling it to the surface. Let it sit for a little bit on the stained area.

Step 2

In step 2 we start with a clean dry cloth blot the stain in the affected area. The idea is to press hard so the dry cloth can absorb the blood from the car seat. You can work your fingers to focus on the exact spot in the car upholstery which will aid in the stain removal process.

If you use a clean white cloth you will be able to see how it pulls it from the stained area. The white cloth will become stained itself so be sure to use one you won’t mind this happening to.

Step 3

Now on step 3 repeat the process on the car seat or car seats until the blood stain has been completely absorbed from the upholstery. For stubborn stains, you may need to blot the car seats several times to get the stain removed. Also, keep in mind you may need to have the hydrogen peroxide sit on the stain again and again to remove the stain.

Ideally, you will only need to repeat step 1, step 2, and step 3 and then be able to move on. Just remember you may need to get that peroxide really grounded in the upholstery to remove the blood.

Step 4

Now it is time to remove excess stains and anything leftover from the above steps on your car seats. Grab your upholstery cleaner and begin cleaning the car seat you worked with. This is a good time to do all your car seats and give the entire car not just the affected area a good cleaning.

When shampooing the car use warm water. Be sure to do the stained area well just so anything left lingering is definitely removed. Go over all of the upholstery so it’s nice and clean. Rinse the area and double-check your cleaning to be sure your car seats look as good as new.

You can also spray your car seat on the stained area and let it sit to get it even cleaner. Some stubborn stains may need this done too.

Step 5

Now the stain removal process should be complete. Dry the area once more. Now is the time to use your Lysol or another disinfectant. This step isn’t absolutely necessary but once again it will clean the car seat to the absolute max it can be by removing anything that could have been harmful from the stain spot.

This process is easy especially if you use a spray bottle or can. You can do the whole car not just the area of the blood so it is disinfected all over. This is really just a best practice as well to prevent other stuff like cold bugs and whatnot.

Don't Let Your Blood Boil

Removing stains can be a pain but blood can be even worse especially on cloth car seats. The idea is the sooner you can clean blood the better. Blot the area, use a clean cloth, dry the area, and disinfect it. This is the main method you should use to clean your car seat.

Other Blood Stain Tips

Below are some other tips that could be useful in cleaning the blood from your car seat especially if you don’t have the ideal supplies on hand. No matter the method you use just be sure to be careful and apply good common sense when using any other cleaners or cleaning someone else’s blood from your upholstery too.

  • Cold water – Cold water has been known to help remove blood from many things. In a tight spot, it could help remove the blood before it ever becomes a stain and leave your can that much cleaner. Cold water is also easily sourced usually so again a cleaning solution that is easy to find. Cold water is also a natural solution that could really clean that upholstery for you. You just may need to scrub more than usual.
  • Warm water – Warm water may not be the greatest cleaning solution but it is one nonetheless. If you have a bottle of water that has been baking in the sun in the back of your car then it could help remove the blood. It will at least be safe enough on the upholstery, help clean the stains, and is at least natural. Regardless of the water method be sure to let the upholstery dry really well.
  • Baking Soda – Baking soda may not be something that’s just lying around for you but it could be more readily available than anything else. Use it similar to the peroxide and be sure to rinse it off really well. Again not the ideal cleaners you want to use but it works in a pinch.
  • Dish soap – Taking dish soap to your car seats is a safe solution. Dish soap is surprisingly great in many places and works really well. You would blot it onto the stain, rinse it off, and let it dry just like anything else. This stuff and cloth can actually attack many different stains so it may just be a go-to if it is the only solution you have.
  • Eye drops – Another one that isn’t necessarily heard of but definitely a good product to include in a “tips” list. You can use eye drops to clean because the solution that is in its ingredients will help penetrate that blood and clean it too. Who knew eye drops could be a blood remover?

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Whatever method you choose whether it be chemical solution-based or natural the sooner the blood is dealt with the sooner you can remove the stains from the car. Any tip that works and any tips that help make a job easier are the best ones. Be sure to try and apply everything we talked about here and if you find anything else to try be sure to let us know.

Stains can be a pain, but it’s guides like these that make them easier to deal with. Best practices are also a good thing too and other than the one we talked about another would be to always have water and a cloth in your car. You never know what situation might come up that having either will be handy.

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