Longest Lasting Paint Sealant (10 Best)

Image Credit: borodai via Envato Elements

Image Credit: borodai via Envato Elements

Longest Lasting Paint Sealant (10 Best)


There are a lot of not-so-great paint sealants on the market. But there are also quite a few really great car paint sealants that provide long lasting protection.

It should be pointed out that if you want the longest lasting protective layer for your car or truck, a ceramic coating might be a better option for you. Although, there are great long lasting paint sealants that, while not as durable as a ceramic coating, are extremely good car paint sealants.

Let’s dive into some of the best car paint sealants for you to consider.

Longest Lasting Paint Sealant

In our experience and based on feedback from research, Wolfgang Deep Gloss Paint Sealant is the only car paint sealant capable of consistently lasting more than 12 months.

Most car paint sealant is capable of lasting 3 to 6 months. Better car paint sealant can last between 6 and 9 months. Only the best and longest lasting car paint sealant is able to beyond 9 months. The best car paint sealants can last beyond a year.

  1. Wolfgang Deep Gloss Paint Sealant
  2. Klasse High Gloss Sealant Glaze
  3. Duragloss Clear Coat Polish #111
  4. Bilt Hamber Double Speed Wax
  5. Optimum Opti-Seal
  6. Collinite 845
  7. Finish Kare BWM 101
  8. Jescar Powerlock +
  9. Pinnacle Black Label Diamond Car Paint Sealant
  10. Adam’s Car Paint Sealant

Important Note About Car Paint Sealants And Durability

Most paint sealant manufacturers don’t guarantee or even mention how long their product will last on your car or truck.

The reason for this is that it’s really hard to know what the circumstances you will experience, type of weather your finish will be dealing with, whether or not your vehicle is garaged, and how often and far you drive regularly.

All of these factors will have an effect on how well a paint sealant will hold up over an extended period of time.

For these reasons, this list of some of the longest lasting paint sealants is based on anecdotal input from the car detailing world and community and my own personal experience with these products.

What I consider to be the best car paint sealant may not be liked by others for various reasons:

  • How easy it is to apply
  • The depth of glossy shine it produces
  • How hydrophobic it is
  • How well it accepts a wax for topping
  • Brand loyalty
  • and more…

Take all of this with a grain of salt and pay attention to how the different products need to be applied. Some decent products can be quite difficult to apply which can make them less than appealing.

Some good paint sealants may not be great but might be simple to apply. This can be extremely appealing for those that are more interested in the results and less in all the work required to get there.


#1 Wolfgang Deep Gloss Paint Sealant

You might not initially think that Wolfgang Deep Gloss Paint Sealant isn’t the most durable paint sealant with a claim of 6 months.

But I’ve personally found that it lasts well beyond a year for me and my circumstances with an un-garaged car which I find pretty amazing for a paint sealant. Lots of other professional and weekend warrior detailers swear by it as well.

It is also looks incredibly good. It lives up to the name of Deep Gloss Paint Sealant. The glossy shine is extremely impressive and it holds up for quite some time.

It’s an easy to apply paint sealant that comes in the typical liquid form. Deep Gloss Paint Sealant is a little different from how other paint sealants are applied. The best way to use it is to apply it to your entire car or truck all at once. It needs 30 to 45 minutes to dry properly before being buffed off.

Another important detail to know is that it takes 12 hours for it to cure after buffing away before it should be aloud to get wet. This can be a little more tricky for someone like me that doesn’t have access to a garage. Plan accordingly before applying this particular paint sealant.

Ease Of Application

Easy to apply.

Requires 45 minutes drying time. 

12 hours of curing time.


Over 1 Year.


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#2 Klasse High Gloss Sealant Glaze

Klasse was my go-to sealant before I switched to Wolfgang DGPS. They claim up to 12 months of durability and I can vouch for the fact that it lasts approximately that long.

You apply Klasse pretty similarly to DGPS. The main difference is that they recommend that you dampen your applicator. You don’t want it wet, but it needs a little moisture to make it a little easier to apply.

Like DGPS, it needs to be applied all at once and allowed to dry for at least 30 minutes. Once it has been buffed away you should avoid exposure to rain or moisture for at least 8 hours but preferably 12 hours or more.

Ease Of Application

Easy to apply but requires moisture in the applicator.

Requires 30 minutes drying time. 

8 to 12 hours curing time.


Up to a Year.


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#3 Duragloss Clear Coat Polish #111

Duragloss 111 is extremely popular and an excellent long lasting protection. They claim 6 months of protection but it usually lasts much longer, even up to a year.

The name is a misnomer and probably my least favorite thing about this paint sealant. It isn’t a polish and isn’t abrasive.

Incase you’re confused, polish is an abrasive product that will wear away a thin layer from the top of your clear coat. A paint sealant adds a thin protective layer on top of your clear coat.

Be sure to apply thinly and allow to dry for an hour before buffing away. This will prevent the potential for hazing.

Ease Of Application

Needs to be applied thinly to prevent hazing.

45 minutes drying time for best results based on detailer feedback.

No drying or curing time is suggested in the product directions.


At least 6 Months. Up to a Year.


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#4 Bilt Hamber Double Speed Wax

If you’re an American and haven’t heard of Bilt Hamber I’m not surprised. Bilt Hamber is an extremely well regarded car detailing product manufacturer in Europe and they make some very great stuff, including their Double Speed Wax.

Bilt Hamber has recently started selling their products here in the United States which is a big win for us in the USA.

While the name includes the term “wax”, this is a paint sealant with a bit of carnauba wax sprinkled in. Carnauba wax helps create a deeper gloss and amazing shine in addition to the extreme durability of their base polymer sealant.

Double Speed Wax is a paste which is a little unusual for a paint sealant. Most car paint sealants are a thick liquid. Some people prefer pastes, but liquids are generally considered much easier to apply.

A lot of European countries experience some pretty harsh weather extremes and the locals swear by this paint sealant.

Ease Of Application

Requires a moist applicator. Must be applied as a thin layer.

5 to 10 minutes of drying time.

No curing time recommended.


6 to 9 months.


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#5 Optimum Opti-Seal

Opti-Seal is a very unique type of paint sealant. It comes as a clear liquid and is thin, almost like water. It goes on very thin and doesn’t require any buffing to remove.

This product comes in a very small spray bottle, but states that there is more than enough to coat 4 or 5 cars. You want to make sure you really do apply this sealant very sparingly to not only make it last, but to avoid any problems that might arise from applying too much product.

Opti-Seal will not hide swirl marks or light scratches like some thicker products might help obscure. It’s much more like a ceramic coating that traditional paint sealants. Be sure and do any necessary paint correction before applying to get the best results when you’re finished.

While Optimum Opti-Seal may look like a ceramic coating, it is definitely not and won’t last the multiple years that ceramic coatings can. It will last many months by most reports and should get you more than 6 months of good paint sealant protection.

Ease Of Application

Application is generally considered easy but care should be taken to ensure it is applied as a very thin layer.

No buffing or curing recommended.


6 to 9 Months.


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#6 Collinite 845

The Collinite brand has a bit of a cult-like following and this is for good reason. They make some truly impressive car detailing products.

It’s important to not apply this product too heavily. It needs to be applied as a thin layer to avoid pseudo holograms.

Another issue that is common with 845 is sweating. The 845 product contains a good amount of true carnauba wax that is designed to help boost the look and give it a deep glossy shine. After a few days you may see oils coming up to the surface.

You will need to wash your car after this happens to remove the hazy look from the surface of the car’s paint job. Don’t try to remove the haze without washing. This could cause damage due to any dust, dirt, or road grime that has collected in the interim.

Despite the high carnauba wax content, Collinite 845 managed to last upward of 6 months. This is the true secret of 845. It looks beautiful due to the high amount of carnauba wax. This typically makes paint sealant look better but at the cost of durability.

Somehow Collinite figured out how to successfully combine the two in 845.

Ease Of Application

Application is relatively easy but it will likely sweat or haze a few days after application and need to be rewashed and wiped down.

Like many other sealants, it must be applied thinly to avoid problems.

No timeframe is suggested for drying but the do suggest using the swipe test. Continue reading to learn what the swipe test is if you don’t already know this detailing trick.

No cure time is suggested.


4 to 6 Months.


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#7 Finish Kare BWM 101 (Formerly Known As BWM 1000P)

Another lesser known product with a dedicated following is Finish Kare BWM 101. This paste sealant is referred to by the company as Hi-Temp Paste Wax, but it isn’t a real wax.

Finish Kare uses a process called synthesis to blend highly heat resistant synthetic polymers to create a unique synthetic polymer formula. The end result is an extremely effective and high quality paint sealant.

Application is very easy even though it is not a liquid product. It’s applied easy with an applicator and as soon as it begins to haze it can be buffed away. Hazing typically only takes a few minutes. This is in stark contrast to many sealants that take an hour to properly dry before they should be buffed away.

Durability is also quite good with detailers reporting between 5 and 7 months of hydrophobic performance and UV protection.

Ease Of Application

Easy to apply for a paste product.

Dry time is minutes though no timeframe is specified.

No cure time is recommended.


5 to 7 months.


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#8 Jescar Powerlock +

Jescar Powerlock + is a very popular paint car paint sealant that also has a very strong fanbase. What’s interesting about this product, is that while it’s a good stand-alone paint sealant, detailer’s rave about how well it works when combining with Collinite 845.

People also rave about how easy Powerlock is to apply as well. Probably one of the easiest paint sealants to apply. It doesn’t require the more extended dry time that some of the car paint sealant products require. It still needs 15 or 20 minutes, but not 45 minutes or an hour.

Powerlock isn’t as durable as some other paint sealants but it will protect your car’s paint for up to 6 months. This is quite respectable and combined with the easy application makes for a great solution your paint protection needs.

Ease Of Application

Very easy to apply.

Dry time is 15-20 minutes.

Cure time is not recommended.


5 to 6 months.


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#9 Pinnacle Black Label Diamond Car Paint Sealant

Black Label Diamond Paint Protection is a purely synthetic car paint sealant. Pinnacle makes a lot of bold claims in their marketing material. They claim extremely easy application, looks as good as pure carnauba car wax, no dust attraction, and an impressive up-to 12 months of protection.

Detailers report that it lives up to the hype as far as looks go, but durability is much more of a mixed bag.

The other problem is the price point is very high compared to the cost of most of the more tried and true competition.

Ease Of Application

Easy to apply.

Dry time is 5-10 minutes.

Cure time is not recommended.


Inconsistent but potentially up to 12 months per the manufacturer.


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#10 Adam's Car Paint Sealant

Adam’s claims 6 to 9 months of durable hydrophobic water beading and UV protection from this car paint sealant.

Detailer feedback is a bit mixed but it seems that it struggles to live up to even the 6 months of protection for some.

It needs to be applied very thinly to make it easy to buff away. A little bit of product really goes a long way. It should only take 5 drops or so to cover an entire hood on a car or truck.

Adam’s has a good reputation and a good following but they don’t quite have the cult following of some other manufacturers.

Ease Of Application

A little trickier to apply than other sealants. Needs to be applied thinly to avoid streaks.

Dry time is not specified.

Cure time is not recommended.


Up to 9 months per the manufacturer but detailers report potentially as little as 3 months.


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What Is The Swipe Test?

Different waxes and sealants will recommend an amount of time that you should wait before removing it to allow it to dry. This timeframe is an estimate and will vary with different temperatures and climates.

The Swipe Test is the best way to know when your wax or sealant is ready to be wiped off. It’s a simple test. Just take your finger and “swipe” it across a small section of your car that has wax or sealant applied and drying. If it cleanly removes the wax or sealant leaving a pristine surface then it’s ready to be wiped off. If it smears then you know it’s not yet ready to go.

Paint Sealant Vs Carnauba Wax

Carnauba wax is a natural wax derived from a Brazilian tree leaf. This natural wax is the hardest natural wax that occurs on the planet. It has been used to protect car paint for decades and is tough to match when it comes to high gloss and shine on a vehicle’s paint.

Paint sealants may contain some natural wax as an ingredient, but the majority of it is synthetic polymer or resin of some kind. Even the worst synthetic car paint sealant will likely last longer than a natural wax. The downside is that car paint sealants usually don’t look as glossy or have the same depth or wet look that a natural wax will have.

Manufacturers are beginning to bridge the gap between looks and performance. Newer products will make your car’s exterior paint look better than ever and can do so for many months.

Paint Sealant Vs Ceramic Coating

As good as car paint sealants are, they really can’t match the superior water beading, mirror like shine, and protection from fine scratches that a ceramic coating can provide.

Car paint sealant is much easier to apply than ceramic coatings. Most sealants simply wipe on and wipe off. Some will be a little more stubborn to buff away and others will require extra drying time or curing time. But in general, they are very beginner friendly.

Ceramic coatings require a lot of paint preparation to ensure the paint surface is clean and free of defects. They also require care to avoid high spots during application. Some even require professional installation by a trained detailer.

Ceramic coatings, even consumer grade coatings that a DIY detailer would apply at home are capable of lasting many years. Some approaching 10 years.


While my personal pick of the car paint sealants on the market is Deep Gloss Paint Sealant, all of the car paint sealants on this list are excellent picks with devoted followings.

The best car paint sealant for you will depend on the many factors we outlined at the beginning of the article, but the biggest one that brought you here is durability. If that’s the case, I strongly recommend you check out the Wolfgang or Klasse car paint sealants. I can personally vouch for both of these products being extremely durable and know you’ll be pleased with either one.

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